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Thread: Cabling advice

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    Wow ... resurrection from all the way back in 2009
    I think I'm on my 3rd (and probably final) incarnation of the idratek installation now!

    I generally tend to use the pink C-Bus cable for the Idratek installs and my default go to for data cabling (usually CAT6) is blackbox . They have always been good on quality, pricing and service.


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    Here I AM going to share something Regarding your query that will help you;

    Cat6 patch cables are available in a variety of options from the most popular Standard flush moulded boot of the Cat 6 UTP Patch Cables, a Low Smoke Cat 6 patch cable option reduces poisonous fumes in the event of a fire, Shielded Cat 6 patch cables that prevent electrical interference as well as a Snagless boot option that covers the latch.
    The latest addition is the Cat6a patch cables which run at 10megabits and are shielded as standard that run at twice the speed of standard Cat 6 cables.

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