Hi guys,

I've just finished running all my ground floor data and coax but i just thought of somethings which i guess i should have thought of earlier ...

I've ran quite a few cat6 cables from my main av point (living room - 12 runs) to my patch panel (loft) with a cable run of 14m, I've also ran 4 coax cables (Webro double screened WF100). I'm planning to use the cat6 cables for data and HD video distribution and just wanted to check that this won't cause any problems having coax running in the same cable run?

Also, I've just noticed that the main electricity supply to the house is about 8" away from all my cable runs (going under the cables at 90deg). I don't think this should cause a problem and ideally i should have had them further apart but choices for the cable riser were limited, but i just wanted to check before i start putting the tiles down.

Thanks in advance.