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Thread: Low Voltage Lighting

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    Default Low Voltage Lighting

    Hi All,

    Firstly hello - this is my first post. I am currently planning a CBUS installation for my home in the UK and have a couple of questions about lighting and choice of modules.

    I have specified 1A 8 way dimmers for standard incandescent lights in the house. If I understand correctly this gives up to 240W of power per channel which is more that enough given bulbs are more usually of the 60-100W variety.

    Next comes those 10A relays. I am using these for lights that I simply want to turn on and off rather than dim - is that correct ?

    Finally low voltage lighting. Is there a particular type of low voltage down lighters to use that work well - anything I should avoid ? I was thinking of using them with a 2A dimmer which is roughly 480W so say 6 50W low voltage to allow for efficiency.

    Finally we have seen some rather nice low voltage chandaleer type lights which have around 20 low volatge bulbs on them (think they are 24w per bulb). Can these sorts of lights be dimmed ?

    Thanks for any and all help.

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    Default Re: Low Voltage Lighting

    Howdi Chris,
    The only trick with the dimmers is to select the correct electronic type or any Iron core type as the capacitance can be an issue. CIS have a guide forund here
    Your on track, dimmers dim relays switch.
    One tip with Chandeliers is make sure the lamp filament hangs down and not upside down if using a dimmer. They have been known to blow filaments and then short out the legs inside the lamp and then take out a channel on your dimmer.

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