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Thread: Switches for lighting control

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    >brave ... ... building inspector's visit ...

    even up here in the wilds of Lancashire, it's been some years, decades even, since since new offices & office refurb's have included traditional light switches ... some have included a retractive switch or two, mainly for dimming, some have included a remote, some have neither - depending on size & function ! So can't see it being a problem ... if necessary, on the day, we could get the iPod Touch going as a temporary remote (*)

    (*) either via Jaadu, which allows full control of the Macs from iPhone / iPod Touch, so far as that's practical from a small screen, and so through to the PC & Cortex via Remote Desktop (not the sort of thing you'd want to do everyday, of course) ... and Kevin was doing something with iViewer / Command Fusion, which I must go back & have a look at, because it might be simpler !
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