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Thread: Help: CBUS Outdoor Light Level Sensor

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    Default Help: CBUS Outdoor Light Level Sensor

    Hi Guys,

    I now have my test setup running at home (very nice) but can't for the life of me work out how the outdoor light sensor triggers.

    It has three sections on the left level / on/off and enable.

    Those I understand fine. Things I don't understand...

    The target level - is this to turn on or off ?

    Sensitivity time - how quickly should the sensor react to changes in light (i.e if I cover it over for test purposes)

    The check lux level button doesn't work - complains unit is not active - should it work ?

    The set target also doesn't work - should it ?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

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    Default Re: Help: CBUS Outdoor Light Level Sensor

    the target level is the light level the sensor is trying to achieve.
    for example if you use level it will always try and achieve the lux level by dimming up and down the loads associated. If you use the On?off function it will switch on and off loads to achieve the lux level.
    Set target and lux level will only work if you are live on the network.
    the lux level time can not be changed 8)

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