I intend to selfbuild a new house next year and would like it to have some automation in the lighting and security area. I have an interested in home automation and have dabbled with X10, but X10 looks dated compared to c-bus.

Everyone has a budget, so how much is this going to cost? I downloaded the training manual from the CBus Shop for a closer view. Near the end of the manual is an Advanced Exercise which asks you to 'do a complete component count and costing' using a plan supplied. Unfortunately there was no plan in the download so I deceided to do a quick costing using my current house as a model and just on the lighting. I counted 12 wall light switches and 6 wall light dimmers.

12 E series switch @ 2.35 28.20
12 wallplates 11.12
3 2 gang E200 switch @ 66.27 198.81

8 Channel dimmer module 441.82
12 Channel relay module 524.67

PC Interface 310.66
Power supply 248.52
36 module distibution unit 91.48

TOTAL £1855.28

I have made no attempt to check the module power supply requirements and I wasn't sure about the on/off switches and dimmer switch hardware. In my new house I will be making a greater use of dimmers and the security aspect will require PIRs.

Have I got it about right or not?