I hope I can canvas some advice from some people that are more experienced with the x10 systems than I am. I am able to wire up things but am still getting to grips with exactly how the lighting switches are wired.

My particular situation is this;

I have two rooms, each with two seperate lighting circuits in them i.e. I can switch wall lights on with one switch and a ceiling light with another switch. Some of these switches are two way and the switch configuration is as follows,

1) dual switch for lounge wall lights and stairwell
2) dual switch for dining room lights (1 for wall lights and 1 for ceiling rose)
3) 3-switch unit for dining room wall lights, lounge wall lights and lounge ceiling light.

What I would like to know is this,

Question 1) how is the best way to wire this configuration up for x10 dimmer operation, I have no neutrals! (there are some wires blanked off but I am not sure if they are neutrals or not!) and what modules do I need in order to keep the rocker gang switches I already have?

Question 2) can I simply parallel up the room circuits i.e. wall and ceiling lights on the same switch to reduce the amount of x10 units required and indeed switches?

The switches seem to be wired in such a way that the bulb live and switched live are from the dual switch units not the 3 way one.

Any help appreciated as I am having trouble getting the old brain hooked into this!

Finally, are there cheaper x10 modules using exisiting rocker switchers that do not dim?