Been reading the blog "At the factory of idiot dreams" which has been very interesting.

I have permission from SWMBO who has been encouraged by a small demo X-10 system. To buy a "small" amount of bits to do a proof of concept of a HA control system. I have chosen to get Idratek.

We are currently refitting two bathrooms. Installing underfloor wet heating. So I am looking at controlling the temperature in the bathroom, plus monitoring humidity. I think light level would also be usefull.

PIR would be good, but as we have a cat running about the house, I think I may need to install a pet style IR sensor and run that to an input on say a LTH-001.

To measure temperature I would need to put this sensor at mid height in the room. Or if it's higher, would putting an off-set on the sensor work OK?

Anything to watch with putting these sensors in a moist enviroment. They are ELV, I guess keeping them slightly out of the way would be good, stop someone dripping into the vent holes?

To get an outside sensor say a LTH-001 then I would add 15 quid to it's price and order it as a LTH-X01? Just a bit confused?

Many questions, sorry!