Hi guys.

Would love some advice on a complete new system for home networking for a newbie . im quiet good with picking tech stuff up so not afraid of doing install alone.

i have sky+,adsl broadband and phone (all with sky) poss to change to virgin so will need to take this into account.

i would like to install sytem in loft and cable from there. that way i can trunk outside to the rooms required with little fuss.

i would like to build system a little at a time and figure the cabling and what cable to use would be a good start.


living room to have sky+(or capable sky HD feed in future),telephone,adsl,freeveiw, and surround sound. 1 points at both ends of room.(will sound be availble through hdmi or will i need to feed sound aswell)

master bedroom,as above without suround.

2 childrens bedroom with adsl,freeveiw

what and how much cat5e to each point,how much ct1oo,what is best to cary HD signal to master bedroom and 2 points in living room.no run will be more than 15-20m

can i place 4 freeveiw boxes and 1 sky box in the loft and use a remote control in each room?( 4 freeveiw boxes for each room to have own remote in each room)so to limit the amount of equipment and cables in each room. infact the more i can hide in the loft and the better, would like to set and forget

may add cctv 4 cams max and a recorder.again all to go in loft. Cams to be added just below guttering so no need to cable to rooms.

hope this info will help. i see the more cable i can get to each point is better but dont want to overkill lol

Thanks guys