Clipsal to publish the C-Bus serial protocols for free use by application and product developers

Clipsal have today announced that it will publish the C-Bus Application Layer protocols for free access and download. These protocols enable equipment developers and suppliers to integrate their products with a C-Bus system.

Starting in the next week or two, the initial set of protocol documents will be published and made available. These documents include:

* A guide for developers to use the C-Bus Serial Interface device

* A description of the different ways to interface a device to C-Bus

* Over 15 detailed serial protocol descriptions covering the following C-Bus Applications (with more to come):

o Lighting, Switching and Electrical Load Control
o Security
o Trigger Control (including Scene Triggering and Indicator Control)
o Enable Control
o Temperature Broadcast
o Ventilation
o Access Control
o Clocks and Timekeeping
o Telephony
o Air Conditioning
o Irrigation Control
o Measurement and analogue input
o Pool, Spa, Pond and Fountain Control
o Device Error Reporting

Later in 2009, additional protocol documents will be added to the published list. This will include Multi-Room Audio Control, and several others still in development.

To aid equipment and product developers, Clipsal will also later this year make available the 5000SM/2 - a small matchbox sized module that can be easily added to equipment to build in a C-Bus Interface. This product has been available for some time to C-Bus Enabled partners - it will now become generally available. A development kit, drawings, dimensions, and so on will also be made generally available.

The existing C-Bus Enabled program will continue - providing a point of contact for equipment developers, support. If desired by an equipment manufacturer, a product can also be tested for conformance under the C-Bus Enabled program - giving customers confidence of a quality product that is endorsed by Clipsal. C-Bus Enabled partners will also be able to purchase customised 5000SM2's or C-Bus micro controllers which will give their product direct support in the C-Bus Toolkit software.

Current software drivers for WindowsTM and Linux operating systems will continue to be provided for free download, as will the fully-featured C-Gate software driver.

Ron Ghezzi, C-Bus Product Offer Manager said "We are very excited about the opening up and publication of C-Bus serial protocols, which will make integration by an already thriving community of developers even easier."