Following my previous post on the X10, I connected a CM12U serial controller to my home server, and plugged a AW12 in a socket to which I attached a lamp. Then spent a frustrating hour, trying to get the lamp to turn on or off.

I managed to get the lamp to switch off twice, but other than that, it failed to respond. Having read about noise from other items, I then spent another hour (to the wifes mixed amusement and annoyance) switching off everything I could think of washing machine, tumble dryer, cooker, Squeezeboxes, etc. All that was really left on was the Dell server (which I needed on to try to get the X10 working, the flat monitor, and the TV(plasma) and Sky box downstairs. In terms of lighting, some overhead lights were on a mixture of halogens and energy bulbs.

Still no joy. So I have read further, and people then talk about line noise from outside, and need to fit house filters, and possible computer filters. So, my four questions would be:

1) Could any of the items I said were left on (halagon spot lights, low energy bulbs, plasma, sky box or server) be messing me up?
2) I have seen about the house filters but not sure what is involved here. Looking at the fuse box (in the garage) we have the main coming in (from the main junction box outside) and then the fuse box with 10 or so fuses, and the lines going out. Does the filter sit on the lines between the main junction box and the fuse box?
3) If I have to put filters everywhere (Server, Plasma, etc) what filters (make/model) will I need?
4) I have to ask is X10 the system for me? The problem is, I thought X10 would be good as it involves a lot less wiring (just plug in and go (ish)). But having read the problems regarding noise, and failure of CM12U units etc, I am starting to have my doubts.

Any advice would be appreciated.