Does anyone have any experiance of integrating a Honeywell/Ademco Galaxy alarm panel into their home automation setup. The panel in question is a Galaxy 500 with an RS232 interface, an ethernet interface and several RIO's. I've installed and configured the panel myself so there are no issues with support contracts.

I'm looking to have my HA system "talk to" the alarm panel in addition to receiving outputs from the alarm. Ideally I would like to create a virtual keypad (similar to what you get in Galaxy Gold) and also have the ability to set/unset and omit zones from the HA system.

I've tried watching the IP packets being exchanged between Galaxy gold and the alarm panel using Wireshark but there doesn't seem to be anything usable in the packets. Don't know whether they are encrypted?

The ideas I've got so far are to:

a) Write some software that works in a similar way to Galaxy Gold which can integrate with the HA system - This could be difficult as there is no published information available from Honeywell and wireshark has reveiled very little.

b) Stick an RS485 to RS232 converter on the RS485 data bus for the alarm panel and see if there is anything usable on the data bus and if so try to emulate it though software.

c) Use the input and outputs on a RIO and connect it to a Netiom-XAP device. Although this won't be as slick as options a or b.

At the moment the HA system is undecided but I already have the alarm panel. So far I'm thinking of using CBUS for the lighting, XAP for communication between devices on the HA system and maybe CQC as well. Don't really want to change the panel for a Comfort one although I realise this would make the job a lot easier.

I've seen a few threads on the internet saying that people have done some integration but they don't go into any detail. CER have a device that seems to emulate RIO's and keypads but I don't know if their product can be purchased in the UK.

Creston seem to have a plugin for the Galaxy panel - not too sure how this works or what level of integration is provided.

Sorry for the long post - but just wondering if anyone has done anything similar.