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Thread: Alternative remote control for my boiler

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    Question Alternative remote control for my boiler

    I live in rented accommodation and have a Boulter Buderus 500/24/S gas boiler.

    The boiler comes with a radio remote on which you can set a daily pattern for the thermostat.

    Thing is, during the week I'm hardly in, whereas on the weekend I'm often in all day. Also - there's only about 4 settings per day and it'd be nice to have more and a simple way to override without switching the program off.

    So I got to thinking - if this is radio controlled using some kind of (I assume) digital signal then surely there must be a way of using something ELSE, something computer controlled to interface with it. That way I could set the thermostat different based on an endless list that works not only on time of day but on day of the week and where in the year we are (so that I don't even have to bother to switch it off myself for summer).

    And that's where I got stuck.

    If anyone knows where I could get the information/ equipment to do this I'd be grateful. I'm guessing if anyone knows it will be someone on this forum.

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    Just been looking at the manual for the boiler and it can be controlled via a simple contact closure as well as this RF thermostat thingy.
    So in theory it should be quite simple but it would mean playing with the wiring at the boiler, which or landlord might object to.
    you can down load the manual here
    pages 28 onwards show you various connection scenarios and page 26 shows you the contact closure wiring.

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    Default Looks like I can't do it then...


    I live in the UK. Most landlords/landladies over here wouldn't let you even paint the walls without permission. There is absolutely NO WAY that I could fiddle with the wiring of a gas boiler (in fact, there's no way I would want to...).

    For similar reasons I can only look into X10 plugin units when I come to automate the lighting which means that I can do nothing about automating the GU10 lights in my kitchen, the giant flourescent one in my toilet/shower room and (probably) or the 5 bulb candelabra style light in my lounge (unless you know of a screw-in lightbulb unit for small screw-cap bulbs).

    I was kinda hoping that hacking stuff with RF based controllers might fall into the remit of this forum.

    I guess I'll wait and see if anyone else knows about this. Any Boulter-Buderus engineers out there?

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