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We about to get a test LED dimmer. (should be arriving early July). This will be for 12V LED lighting, and will have a 0 to 10V input so control via some home automation systems should be possible. It will have a local dimming control and a separate on off switch. Once we get the prototype and have it up and running I will post here with pics etc. It should look similar to a standard mains dimmer.
How did your test go? (Hope I didn't miss this post if you have already posted about this) We are looking at putting LED lighting in several areas, most likely first to be the kitchen as we normally have a light on in this area all the time. I would put several LED strips into place, one hidden behind one of the beams to reflect off the wall, one on top of the kitchen cabinets. One underneath the cabinets over the work surface, this would need additional lighting I think but would look good at night for in-direct lighting when making a cup of tea etc.