2. Functionality

This list is neither definitive nor complete, but gives an idea of the functionality available. A key point with Idratek is that each area of functionality is integrated to the others in a consistent and flexible manner.

2.1 Presence
Cortex operates a presence detection scheme that integrates all relevant sensors to determine room occupancy and maintain it as people move around the building. This is more sophisticated than simply triggering events based on a PIR. This presence information can be used to feed into all other areas of functionality.

2.1 Lighting
Idratek can control lighting systems using both relay and dimmer devices. Multiple scenes are supported with various means of setting brightness including time of day profiles. Ambient and external light level sensing can be incorporated to determine required lighting.

2.2 Heating and Cooling
Heating and cooling control is supported through Cortex features and output control modules. Temperature can be controlled at a room level, with different temperature settings depending on time of day/day of week and room occupancy to optimise energy efficiency. Automatic fallback for vacant properties and biasing due to outside temperatures is included.

2.3 Security
Cortex supports various security features via it's presence detection algorithms. It can also monitor other sensors, such as pet insensitive PIRs, door and window contacts. Cortex can perform normal unoccupied alarm functions, a boundary protection "day alarm" and a night alarm feature. CCTV monitoring with motion detection is also supported.

2.4 IR remote control
Idratek supplies several IR modules, including transmit-only, receive only and TX/RX modules. IR TX/RX is also built in to multi-function panels. This feature can be used in a variety of ways, both to allow control of Cortex from most IR remote control devices, control of devices such as VCR/PVR/TV etc from Cortex and also to provide room to room re-distribution of IR signalling. Cortex can also translate IR packets and convert them into different packets.

2.5 Sound, Voice, Intercom and Synthesis
Panel devices incorporate audio functions, both microphone and speaker. These can be used for information annunciations from Cortex, as part of the user interface for controlling Cortex, for room to room intercom and baby monitoring, for telephony and VoIP and for speech recognition for control of Cortex. Cortex includes both speech synthesis and "wav" file playback.

2.6 Email
Cortex can interface to your email system and both send and receive emails. Emails can be used to control Cortex remotely. Cortex can send emails on various events and can also tell you the status of your Inbox.

2.7 Telephony and VoIP
Cortex supports VoIP using Skype via the audio functions. Skype can also be used for sending SMS messages from Cortex.

With a voice modem Cortex can also provide a telephone answering machine that can provide multiple voicemail boxes and auto-answer based on occupancy. If the modem supports Caller-ID this information can also be used for automatic screening and routing of calls.

2.8 Web Access
Cortex has a built-in web server with access controls. Individual logins with different access can be created and web access can be controlled down to individual object level.

2.9 Monitoring Functions
Idratek provide modules that can directly monitor temperature, humidity and light level. Through digital and analogue input modules many other sensor types can be integrated and their data incorporated. This includes things like proximity detectors, fluid level, electricity consumption and wind speed.

2.10 Integration to other HA systems
Cortex supports integration to other systems, including modules to support X10 interfaces and control, control of Logitech Squeezebox devices, interfacing to Rako lighting control products and generalised interfaces to the xPL and xAP protocols. There is also a direct API for enthusiastic programmers.