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Thread: Idratek Faq 6 - Functions

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    Default Idratek Faq 6 - Functions

    6. Lighting

    7. Heating

    7.1 Can Idratek control underfloor heating?
    Yes. Typically idratek will be used to control the manifold valves for each zone. For each zone you want to control you will need a temperature sensing module in a suitable position. Cortex can then provide sophisticated management of the temperature to balance comfort with energy consumption.

    7.2 Can I retrofit Idratek control to normal radiators?
    Yes. You can use valve actuators that look a little bit like standard TRVs, but are electrically actuated. Cortex understands how to control these for zoned heating control when their supply is controlled by an Idratek relay module. Typically a 24V power supply is required and you would need to route cables to each radiator. You will also need to connect your boiler to an Idratek relay so that Cortex can take over the function of your existing thermostat.

    7.3 Will I need to do any plumbing?
    Many existing TRV valve bodies are compatible with the RVA actuator. If they are compatible then it's just a case of unscrewing the existing TRV head and replacing it with the actuator. If you do not have TRVs or they are not compatible then you will need to swap the valve bodies. This will involve draining your system.

    8. Security

    9. IR

    10. Audio

    10.1 Can I use Idranet bus for AV functions?
    The audio function is intended for speech and annunciations and is not suitable for music reproduction. External AV equipment can be controlled through the IR functions and also relay or digital IO where appropriate.

    11. Email

    12. Telephony


    14. Web

    15. Monitoring

    15.1 Can I monitor my electricity power consumption with Idratek?
    Whilst there is no specific module to monitor power, certain Idratek modules have the capability to count pulses and Cortex knows how to access this count and present it as electrical power consumption. So the question is whether you can get a suitable pulse output of power consumption. Many modern electricity meters have a flashing LED on the front and some even have an electrical pulse that can be used. To read the flashing LED it is quite simple to connect a photodiode across the Idratek module inputs and then stick it to the front of the meter. Another possibility is to use DIN rail mounting energy meters that have a pulse output. These can be obtained in 1 module sized units, so you could measure power consumption by individual rings.

    16. X10

    17. Rako

    18. xPL

    19. xAP

    20. Squeezebox

    21. Cortex API
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