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    Here I am again bothering with linux....
    But this is for the Idratek guys that understand the protocol. I am reading about the linux MCE which in turn is connected to Pluto. I invested a lot on Idratek modules and I just want to have the possibility to check things arround while watching BBC HD on my linux box (isn't that much to ask?). Now, Windows is out of question for my HD TV set for a number of reasons I just can't be bother to list. The thing is porting monitoring into linux and here it comes a prot ocol neutral system (please read this)
    I will invest time doing this but I need some initial help if possible. Can Karam, Viv, Gumby or anyone that understand the protocols give me some light where to get info? I promise to post results here....

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    Not sure what you're suggesting? Do you really mean you want to try and write code to handle the low level IDRANet protocols all the way up to producing some sort of monitor on Linux? I think it may be more practical to just use a web browser on your Linux machine and either Cortex's server or something like UVNC running on the Cortex PC to provide a more WYSIWYG interface on the Linux browser. I'm pretty ignorant about Linux I'm afraid, so you'll have to excuse me if this is a stupid suggestion

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