Hey all,
I wonder if anyone could help me, I am looking for a product that is a remote power reset unit.

I have two propertyís, one in the USA and one in the UK, as I may work for 3 months in each location when I am away I like to keep an eye on my other location with remote CCTV / home control etc, this works perfect and I donít need to change any of this.

On occasions the broadband router will crash or the cable modem will crash and I cannot log into the locations as all of the control connections are done over an IP connection.

I am looking for a product that is about the size of a time switch that I can put a SIM card into and reboot the power remotely for when the router or cable modem crashes.

At the moment I simply use a time switch and power cycle the unit for 15 seconds every 7 days, and so far this has worked well but I would like something a little bit more sophisticated.

Thanks all.