Hello home automation fanatics !

For the last year, Domobec's team has been concentrating it's efforts on a new generation of control products and we now feel it is time to announce the successful development of our latest prototype "codename : Moonshine" which should be available for shipment by the fourth quarter of 2009.

YOUTUBE VIDEO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNBVvJey87A

The following specifications are based on our RC2 prototype and we are planning on reaching RC4 before shipping any units.

These units work on a Windows Mobile Embedded system and communicate via 2.4GHZ wireless network to a central server hosting Homeseer HSTouch server. As you already probably figured, we are using a HSTouch client which has proven it's flexibility and it's expandability to most of us HS touchscreen users.

Altough we are already working on a new version of the product with independant interface and local load control, this low cost final version should stay a good alternative to homeseer users using HS Server plugin. The client will also therefore be 100% customizable.

More INFOS :
No local load control on this version, therefore requiring HS Touch server running on the host system.

- Resolution should be around 145x300 ( on current LCD display )
- Unit will fit in a standard single gang junction box so 2-gang will fit 2 units and so on
- Server connection is done trough standard Wireless 2.4GHZ networking
- Final RC should be able to use any standard DECORA shape faceplate.

We feel the available control products out there are way too limited and nothing beats 32 bit color display for esthetics and customization !
Basically, this unit can be anything from a light switch to a thermostat or a weather station. Anything HStouch can do !

Future versions will integrate an independant interface ( not requiring homeseer ) and also load control.

Please feel free to give us your comments and general opinions on this upcoming product trough this forum or via our website. We feel that the more feedbacks and insights we have from Home Automation Experts, the better the final unit can be !!

Thanks to all and long live "La Domotique" ! ( Yup, french folks from Quebec, Canada )