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Thread: Potterton Kingfisher Boiler cira 1984/5

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    Default Potterton Kingfisher Boiler cira 1984/5

    I have a Potterton Kingfisher Boiler RS80 70/80 btu that requires new aspestos linings to the burner housing and the aspestos rope seal to the burner end cover. Given that aspestos is very much no longer used in modern day boilers can anyone tell me what substitute can be used to replace the existing crumbling linings that keep falling onto the burner or is there still a way of replacing it with new aspestos ?
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    You might want to try Potterton directly to see what they say, and to advise whether the linings are still available as spares. You may need to think about replacing the boiler itself…

    British Gas may have the right spares:

    I’ve seen the rope seal before, probably at but I couldn’t find it again when I checked earlier.

    When CORGI was in existence you didn’t need to be corgi-registered to work on gas, you only had to be registered if you worked for “reward”. If not registered you would need to prove your competence though.
    I’m not sure what the current situation is now that things have changed to “Gas Safe”.

    I wouldn’t normally pick up spelling, but if you’re going to Google for the spares, use “asbestos”



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    Default Boiler Lining etc

    Many thanks for your reply. I have now been along to my local long established plummers merchants and obtained a non asbestos rope and a sheet of non asbestos board (thanks for the spelling correction) and am hoping problem solved. I am competant but not a professional 'Corgi' registered person. Safety is always my priority anyway.

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