Finally got the keys to my new flat at bloody last only waited two years lol

Now being disabled i want to make my two bedroom flat as automated as possible to help me out.....

From what i know, i want:

Full HD Video Distribution over CAT5/6 using my media center [Windows 7] to the bedroom

Full HD Projector on and off
Motorized screen up and down

Open and shut vertical blinds
Turn the lights on and off

Theirs a couple more things I want but at the moment I think of anything else other than

Two Security Camera's to cover front and back door just encase of break in when im away.

The heating is an under floor system [to be confirmed]

Can you help me pick the right equipment for my needs and suggest other products and stuff that would be useful to me....

Has to be X10 as im not allowed to alter wiring etc etc

Thank you