VSCP & Friends (http://www.vscp.org/) is now a quite old package for home automation. The project stated in August 2000 and is still in active development. There are plenty of modules available today (http://www.vscp.org/wiki/doku.php/vscp/modules/start).

VSCP is not only built to handle native VCSP speaking devices much more it's an abstraction to get one driver interface for many protocols and technologies. The result is that one can have user interface that can control misc. technologies. Take a temperature widget for example. Write it and use it. If you later switch to a different technology for your tempeature sensor just switch the driver and use everything else as before.

Below are some youtube videos that shows some of the capabilites of the recent VSCP & Friends 0.2.7 package

There is a three video walkthrough on Youtube that look at some of the essentials of VSCP Works on of the tools in the VSCP & Friends package


Video on youtube that takes you through some of the essentials of the VSCP Daemon.