At last the 0.2.7 Lithium release of VSCP & Friends is out.

A lot of new features is added to this release and a lot of bugs has
been fixed. Just a few items named below

- VSCP Works have gone through major work. The configuration parts now
is fully working. This means that a VSCP module can be initialized and
checked in a common way wherever in the world it is located. MDF's are
read and handled. Bus scan is added.
- Internal event genrator enabled for VSCP daemon. Timed events and
random events is generated among others.
- The internal decision matrix of the daemon is enabled.
- The variable arrays (persistent and not persistent) for the daemon is
- Many bug fixes in different parts.

A deb and a rmp archive for binary installation on Linux will be
available soon.

VSCP can be downloaded from

More information about the Very Simple Control Protocol can be found at

There is a three video walkthrough on Youtube that look at some of the essentials of VSCP Works

Video on youtube that takes you through some of the essentials of the VSCP Daemon.