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    Default Tam Project

    Hi All

    I have been planning the build for a while now, and have some spare time so time to make a start. I already installed CAT5 into all the rooms when i renovated the house a couple of years ago.

    I am planning on installing a 15" touch screen flush into the wall in the kitchen and then locating the base unit in a cupboard in the lounge. These are the things I am planning to do with it

    - the base unit will be a custom built x86 bos running windows 2008 server with 2tb+ of storage configured as RAID5.

    - Will be using a VGA extender (over CAT5) to the screen(s), i'll start off with one then I want another outside but thats for another day ....

    - MP3 store obviously! Using album player as it has native support for touch screens.

    - TV Card for streaming SKY using one of these cool products

    - PCI DAB Radio dont really want USB so will probably opt for pci

    - Will build a minature webcam and mic into the touch screen housing for skype and normal landline calls via a modem. Will also have answerphone and faxmachine.

    - Will have a couple of soundcards so I can route applications to specific cards. This will allow me to play radio over ceiling speakers, record TV/sky and make a skype call at the same time.

    - CCTV still researching this but at the moment I'm planning on going for wireless IP cameras as they involve the least effort. Will store a rolling 10 days of footage.

    - Power monitoring, linking up to the standard monitor you can clip on the incoming mains cable to the house. Will expand this over time with some X10 units to turn off the 'standby' TV's and such.

    - weather station, not sure on this at the moment but I have to get on the roof to replace the aerial for freeview so will put a station up there and connect to the PC via wireless hopefully.

    Will post some pics as I start the build and install, any comments or pointers appreciated!



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    Default Sounds good

    I have the same sort of set-up. Except the cam and mine runs Windows CE (which I wanted because it has zero boot time - turn the box on, and its running). Its the next part of my project I am going to document.
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    If you have a creative soundcard with 7.1 then you can use the following drivers from KX project to convert multiple output and then use a free version of xlobby with winamp to have multiple zones with one soundcard.:

    you would obviously need an amp for each zone.

    What touchscreen will you be using?

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