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Thread: Fallback to Reflex

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    Default Fallback to Reflex

    The QRI and QLD modules are now installed in the new house and the lights are working as intended using the momentary switches and the Reflex functionality in the modules. Later I will implement something better using Cortex, taking account of presence and light levels as well.

    So my question is this: What do I need to do to ensure that the Reflex programming still works if the Cortex PC goes off-line? I'm guessing that fallback needs to be triggered by a timer in the IPD module - at the moment the modules initialise in Reflex mode when I power up the IPD.


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    There are instructions on how to set up the watchdog functions in the Cortex help. Basically you set up a timer with a reflex packet to reset the system and Cortex has a function that can be set up to periodically reset the timer so that it never triggers as long as Cortex is running.

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