Hi Guys,

Very new to this forum so excuse the complete lack of knowledge!

I've bought a Visonic Powermax+ system and installed it relatively easily (well, the basic functions without the phone line as yet...). I now need to get some kind of security lighting system installed in our fairly large back garden. There is no lighting there just now and is just a perfect place for some burglar to lurk.

What I would like is for 3 floodlights to be strategically placed around the garden which I can wire in manually myself but what I don't want is for the silly PIR's they come with to constantly activate due to the smallest of birds on the ground hence I was only going to buy the non PIR floodlights and have some other way of triggering them.

There are 3 access points to the garden, round the side, in from the back and in from a further side.

What I would dearly like is for 3 (not too sensitive) PIR's to be strategically placed around the access points so when either are activated this in turn activates the floodlights and perhaps gives a small chime on the Powermax module to let us know somewhere has been breached.

I don't know if this is simple for you guys to help me with so any help you can give me would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


PS - I'd also later like to install a camera('s) that activates when one of the PIR's is triggered... possible through the powermax?