I just bougth a X10 starterkit in Sweden. I noticed that the RF remote controlls are much cheeper in the US, so I ordered some of them from AutomatedOutlet.com. However when I recieved them yesterday I found out that they use another frequency in the US :twisted: .

Since I allredy bougth all this remote controlls I started to think about how I can use them anyway. I started to serach the internet and found a solution that might make it possible to use the amrican RF modules on a europeean X10 system. Please give me your feedback!

The idea is to use a American RF transciever with a serial port (V572TW - http://www.smarthomeusa.com/ShopByMa...L/Item/V572TW/)
and then connect it to the XM10U (http://www.letsautomate.com/10215.cfm?). The V572TWB is made for use with the amrican trancsievers TW523 or PSC05 and as I understand it the XM10U should be similar to them. Does anyone know anything about this?

I hope in this way to be able to use my amrican remotes with a europeean X10 system...

So, this is my idea. Do you thing it will work?
Thanks for any ideas or comments!