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Thread: LW10 switches on but not off...

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    Default LW10 switches on but not off...

    Hi there,

    One of the wall switches I've just installed will switch on via
    the remote but it won't switch off, either using its specific code or the
    "all off" function.
    The others work fine, and I think the only difference with this switch is that it passes the current on to the next light in a kind of daisy-chain fashion (there's 2 sets of wires coming into the socket, only
    one carrying current).

    Does anyone know why this might be?
    Thanks in advance,


    P.S. A sparky friend said it sounds like its on a 'spur', which makes no sense to me...!

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    Default Re: LW10 switches on but not off...

    I had a problem with one switch not switching off I found that it was noise on the circuit

    unplug all the things in the room where the switch is'nt working

    then try switching it on and off see if it works

    if it plug things in one at a time and see whats producing the noise then buy a plug in filter for the offending equipment

    hope it helps

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