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Thread: Anyone have the Marmitek X10 Easy Icon 10RF Remote?

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    Default Anyone have the Marmitek X10 Easy Icon 10RF Remote?

    Seen this remote on a few sites for what looks like a very reasonable price. Does anyone have one here? I was just wondering what peoples views were before I take the plunge and order one. I currently use Logitech Harmony remotes but want the x10 funtionality...

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    Yes, I am using the Marmitek Icon remote.

    Like you, I wanted 1 remote control to operate my AV equipment and my X10 devices.

    Installation couldn't be easier, the built-in wizard makes the configuration of the remote hassle-free.

    In general, the remote is working fine. There are enough physical buttons for your common functions. And for the non-common functions, you can program virtual buttons beside the LCD. It's not a touch screen by the way, which is in fact a benefit when using the remote. Now you can select buttons with your thumb, holding it in one hand. With a touchscreenremote like the Marmitek Easytouch 35, you have to hold the remote with one hand and operate it with the other hand.

    Although the Logitech remotes look a little fancier, there's nothing wrong with this remote. And the great benefit of this remote is that it supports RF-X10, so for me it's a good product.

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    I tried one of these and had to send it back. Some buttons were very "clicky" and some needed a very hard press to get them to work. It just didn't feel nice at all. It also wouldn't work with my Sony DVD/HDD recorder.It had no standard codes that worked and although it accepted the codes from the original remote as "learned OK", they did not function. But the biggest problem was that there was no way to change the mode of the remote within a macro. So for example if you set up a macro to "Play a DVD" you could program it to switch the DVD player on, turn the TV to the correct AV channel, etc, BUT you can't put a step in to switch the remote itself into DVD mode! This is a huge omission, especially as to change mode, you can't just toggle through them using one button, you press mode and then have to select the appropriate one from 10 smaller buttons at the top.

    It is nearly a good remote, but button quality needs to be improved and the firmware updated to allow mode changes in a macro.

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