Hi I am new to the forums, but not to the site, Ive been surfing around this site for a while and just decided to post on the forums to ask you guys if you knew anything about this subject...


I have been in the market for something which i can attach a camera to and move around my whole house while watching its eyes from my TV. I thought that the Desktop Rover ( http://www.plantraco.com/product_dtr.html ) was the perfect solution until i discovered it had a battery life of about 100 minutes, and that their batteries were REALLY expensive. I found the wireless camera ( http://www.plantraco.com/product_ptv16.html ), which the same company provides to be very cool, but if anyone has any better sugestions for a camera exactly like that... please help me out

I was wondering if anyone knows of any alternatives to the Desktop Rover...I am not looking for something that small, but the remote range must be pretty far so it can cruise all around my home with a camera attached to it...
Thank you very much, I hope to find many suggestions