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Thread: Velbus by Velleman anyone ?

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    Default Velbus by Velleman anyone ?

    Hi guys

    I used to dabble with X10 but found it was too clumsy for what i wanted, and a lot of other systems cost too much, i came across the Velbus system a few months ago and started to play with it.... looks good... any one else playing with it ?

    I had been working on my own software back in the days of X10 and final revived it for the Velbus stuff, people who visit the house have become interested in it for their own projects, so i though i may put it up here and see what reaction i get... good or bad all is welcome.

    No. I am not advertising, just looking for comment.....even if I do decide to offer it about, it is a long way off yet, just looking for ideas, suggestions, comments, can have a look at the link below if you are interested in helping me test it.


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    Just a comment, you might consider providing support within your software for the xAP and xPL protocols. These have been developed to offer inter-operability between many disperate devices and to provide common interface/control methods.

    For xAP try: (and the forum here on Automated Home)

    For xPL try:

    The two protocols initially started as a single project and then forked some time ago, so share some similarties.



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