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Thread: Replacing the caps on alarm unit

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    Default Replacing the caps on alarm unit

    I heard from one guy, who heard it from another, who was told by someone else that if you replace the capacitors from a broken alarm unit that it fix's them 75% of the time?

    OK I'm not into cap replacement, because there are so many different ones, I considered getting some from this alarm systems installer but replacing the wrong one will just cause the same problem, and I don't want to have to come do the same call out with my head low, because it was my quick job.

    Does anybody know whether it's worth the hassel to work it all out properly?


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    It depends on what alarm panel you have, and whether you require it linked to the police, etc.

    If its a relatively "budget" system then I would think its easier to replace the panel, especially if you don't know what you're doing (not meant as a criticism, just that if you need to ask the question, and you're not "into" electronics, etc.)

    If you need it for insurance / police purposes then I'd recommend having the panel replaced by a recognised & certified installer.

    The reason the panel has stopped working could be due to all sorts of things - power supply, wiring, fuse, water damage, lighting strike, dried out caps, etc. Unless you've lots of time to kill, and attempt some basic troubleshooting first, simply assuming the caps are faulty sounds a bit hopeful!



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    Default Re:

    Well, ok thanks,

    i'll take it on board

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    Might be worth checking the battery.

    My panel died a couple of times and each time it was the battery that had died of old age and gone short circuit. It dragged the main power supply down to a level where the alarm wouldnt function.

    Just disconnecting it should prove if that is the problem. Wont cost anything to try and could save you some money on a replacement panel.

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