I recently rennovated my flat, and I laid both ethernet and digital coaxial cable to 4 'zones'. The digital coax was mainly to distribute a Freeview signal around the house from a new external aerial, but now I'm interested in seeing what else I can do with it!

I know I can distribute digital AV through Ethernet to some extent, but I would rather keep those sockets for computer setups. Right now, I only have old CRT TVs so I have been using the low quality solution of modulating the signal from my main living room system (Hifi/Virgin Cable/Mac Mini) around the house and just tuning in the various channels.. which works and is extremely convenient and fairly low cost, but now I'm hoping to upgrade to a digital solution and I'm struggling to find anything which works with digital coax.. any ideas?

Virginmedia manages to send digital AV (and high def?) content through digital coax doesn't it?

Also, what would be the best way (if any) to distribute audio through digital coax? A solution which would end with a headphone jack to fit nicely into the input on my new clock radio would be perfect!

Thanks for any help,