Hi folks.
As the king of bizarre questions I have this one:

I'm about to re-plumb my KAT5 Mk2's to pump my FreeSat HD box'es output to my kitchen TV on composite. (FoxSatHDR downscales HD to the compsite so you can feed HDMI in HD and Composite in standard def at the same time )

Question is, I have a faulty pair in my CAT5 cabling to the tv in the kitchen, without getting the bolster chisel out and redecorating, divorced etc, is it possible to wire the plugs up such that the pair that is not connected is the one that carries the 'spare' channel on the KAT5 that isnt used for composite video? (e.g luminance?) so I can still get stereo audio, Composite and IR? , or am I out of luck? -- I dreamt once that there were 4 signal channels on the KAT5 plus the IR, so I guess I'm asking which is what?

Is there any hope of a functional link with my duff pair? lol.