Hi everyone, if anyone is interested in the following feel free to make me an offer:

Marmitek Home Protector + alarm with extras - whole kit comrises of:
1x SC28 Alarm console (complete with phone cable and power supply)
2x DS18 window/door sensors
1x MS18 motion sensor
2x KR18 key fob remotes
1x SH624comfort remote control

3 lw12 in wall lamp modules (allowing you to control ceiling lights) and the momentary switches you need to install them with. The switches are from the MK Grid range and were fairly expensive when I bought them costing over 40 in total.

There are 3 complete single gang momentary switch sets, plus a double gang set with 1 momentary switch and 1 2-way standard switch in case you have a light with 2 switches, and you need to share a switch with a standard 2 way switch.

1 x CM15 USB PC interface including USB cable and Active Home Pro software
2x LM12 lamp modules
4x AM12 appliance modules
1x HR12u Palm Pad remote (16 devices)
1x SS13e Wireless switch/remote (3 devices)
1x LM15eb socket rocket
1x Marmitek Easy Icon 10RF x10 Home Automation remote control

Selling to fund new projector and screen. I'll leave it a week then advertise via ebay if no-one's interested. Any questions send me a PM.

Thanks, Alex