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Thread: Pulse counting - presenting information

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    Default Pulse counting - presenting information


    Using the pulse count object I have the meters instantaneous consumption displayed. Is there a way of altering how many decimal points an object is displayed with? ie 0.0 or 0.000 etc

    Also I can see when I double click the graphs displaying the current rate, but no cumulative total of kWh, I can display a graph, but want to read the exact number. Would also be good to display this as well.

    I'm still getting my head into Cortex, so I'm really sorry if this is a stupid question! Only got started about a month ago, so lots of learning now.

    Many thanks


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    I think there are a few useful enhancements possible here - eg the KWHr/cost today for example as well as maintaining (and synching) to the meter display count. Having some of this presented by xAP would be really useful too.

    I'd love a 16 (+) bit counter in the hardware too.


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