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Thread: Leading Edge & Trailing Edge CBus Dimmers

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    Default Leading Edge & Trailing Edge CBus Dimmers

    I'm thinking about buying a few wireless CBus dimmers.

    Looking at CBus shop it appears that there is a choice between leading and trailing edge dimmers. From doing a bit of googling, it seems that both leading and trailing edge dimmers are suitable for resistive loads (incandescent bulbs and high voltage halogen bulbs), but trailing edge dimmers are "softer".

    I've also noticed that the trailing edge dimmers are slightly cheaper.

    Does anyone have any experiance using the CBus wireless dimmers with resistive loads? Have you found the leading or trailing edge dimmers better? Do you get a noticable buzzing noise from the dimmer?

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    I have experience with leading and trailing edge but not c-bus.

    You will find trailing edge both quieter and more expensive, buzzing noise can be usual with dimmers especially those that have small chokes because of size or price limitations.

    One tip to minimise buzzing is to make sure you exceed the minimum quoted load for the channel.
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    I'm using C-Bus2 leading edge dimmers, and haven't noticed any buzzing at all, but the dimmers are in a cupboard out of the way, so any noise they do make is some distance from the lights themselves.

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