Just thought I would say hello before I started joining in on topics.

I'm Neil, I used to work for dynalite, setting up their lighting automation systems in luxury homes and businesses.

Now has come the turn of my own home, I am in the research stage at the moment but am finding it really frustrating.

My plan currently is to start with some automatically triggered lights around the outside of the house, then build it slowly into automated the central heating and room lighting, all without a pc constantly on.

I have decided I don't want to use a propriety system (like the one I used to program) but am frustrated with x10s limitations and that high-end "open" systems like eib/knx expect you to fork out for training courses and expensive closed software!

I would also like to distribute the output of my pvr to several rooms (with an IR back channel) but unless you want to use a dodgy RF system, it seems an expensive thing to do.

anyway, I am looking forward to going through the post on the forums and seeing how people tackled these issues and kept the whole thing "wife" friendly