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Thread: New home automation project - Contribute and Follow

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    Default New home automation project - Contribute and Follow

    UPDATED Nov 17

    I'm starting this thread as a work log for my first home which I plan to build next year. I am planning to integrate various C-Bus components and a high speed data network. When the work begins, I will keep a photo/video log of the installation and the final product and post them here as it progresses.

    My knowledge of C-Bus is fairly limited but I have been reading the tech manuals. A licensed installer will be doing the job, but I want to plan it myself. Suggestions and help are much appreciated.
    Cost estimates on the cbus hardware and installation would be much appreciated.

    This is the current schematic. I am still designing and will update as I refine the project.

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    Looks great. Documented very nicely. It's great to see a nice logical plan.

    Can't comment on the technicalities of C-Bus as I know nothing about it, but am very pleased to see that you are using Macs as I might learn something of use to me.

    Keep up the high standard of documentation and good luck!

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    Looks good
    As I'm sure you're already aware, forward planning is the key to a successful project so you look to have started on the right track.

    Just one question, are you planning for a Gigabit router (as the diagram would indicate) or going for a separate router & switch?
    You may find that separate items give you a bit more flexibility and a separate switch will have more network ports than the four you usually get on a router. You'll also have the option for additional wireless access points so that your iPhone, laptop etc. gets full coverage over your property.

    As for Cbus pricing, have a look at

    HTH, and keep us posted.


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