Hi all,

I'm new on this forum and also new to the home automation game.
I've read a bit about x10 but wouldn't know where to start and what hardware to buy?

I work in the IT Industry and I have a 19" 1m rack in my garage, with two Intel servers and one unix. I have space left for other hardware.
Do you run the home auto from a server, or do you buy a controller that runs independantly?

I'm looking for a security setup rather than controlling my audio/video. I may link the two in the future but not yet.

What I'm looking for:
LCD touch screen front end
All power sockets in main ring and all lights in in ring controlled
CCTV indoors and out
Text notification
House electricity usage display
All contactable from the outside on my home network.

Is x10 the best for this purpose?
Can you point me to literature I can read up on this?
In your opinion, what would be your hardware shopping list if you wanted the above?

As you can see, I have very little knowledge of this and want to get into it - I find asking the experts about the concepts will give me the foundation I need to go off and teach myself.

All answers appreciated,