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Thread: ICOM-Technology are coming to the UK...

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    Default ICOM-Technology are coming to the UK...

    If you trawl through the other forums on here you'll see some mention of ICOM Technology's new Z-Wave kit. Well, me being me (and also being interested in seeing about getting hold of their sexy remote and some wall sockets!) I asked them what was holding things up.

    According to their site earlier in the year, they should manufacturing the things by now, so I sent them a message to see how they were getting on, and this is the response I got.

    Dear Sir,

    Your memory serves you very correctly; the production should have gone now.
    Unfortunately we aren't able to present any product or market information
    without the permission of our UK distributor. As soon as we got permission
    to announce the introduction on the UK market, we will inform you.

    Best regards
    ICOM-Technology BV

    So watch this space. If I get some of the ICOM-Technology kit, it would be interesting to see if it's fully compatible with the more common ACT kit.

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    Default Re: ICOM-Technology are coming to the UK...

    To some other people they said the production was postponed to march 2005. Rumour is they are waiting for the Zen-sys wt200 chip which is due march 2005... Still, just rumours!

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