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    This thread is for questions from the Wiring Guide page here -


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark
    Hi ive just finished flood wiring my house and the insulation and plaster board is now to be installed- however i haven't allowed anything for interconnecting cables like scart/hdmi/optical cables/ audio leads between tvs/dvd/ps3/cinema systems etc?.

    I have taken your advice and ran 2 coax + 2 cat5 to each tv point back to my node zero but i havent quite figured out whats going where?? Obviously tv's in the room but what about the source i.e sky or bluray/dvd player? Would these be in node zero or in the room with the tv? This is all quite confusing but im sure ill get there in the end??? Your help would be appreciated in identifying what other cables if any should i be installing behind the plaster board?

    Thanks in advance
    Hi Mark - We have our source equipment and amp in the AV room. However if I was doing it again I think I'd move it all out to node zero instead.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Otto-Mate View Post
    ...if I was doing it again I think I'd move it all out to node zero instead.
    This is what I've done here. The cable length from rack to TV is ~10m so managable with a single length of HDMI cable. Otherwise, those HDMI-over-IP boxes look really good
    Cat5, coax etc is no problem at that distance. Speakers are in the ceiling, but I have also cabled to the corners of the room so can locate extra speakers, a sub etc. there too. Home cinema amp will go in the rack once finished so there's just the TV on the wall to see, no other boxes.

    IR control of source equipment is via the Sky TV-link system with a separate string of emitters. HMDI control back from the TV should cover other stuff.

    I'd really like to finish the rack rebuild before (this) Christmas so will hopefully have some photos soon


    p.s. meant to add that between the TV spot & node zero I have the following:
    - 4x Cat5
    - 1x Coax
    - 2x HDMI
    - 1x VGA (PC video out)
    - 1x 3.5mm stereo audio jack (PC audio)
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