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Thread: New HA System

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    Default New HA System

    I'm very new to all of this and would like some advice.
    I have to renew our alarm system and would like to got the "whole hog" and integrate all systems.
    Our property consists of the main building, complete with wireless network.
    Several outbuildings, some of which are and will need to be alarmed.
    PC Based CCTV on the front gate as well as elsewhere in the property. This catures images through hardware compression to a NAS box.
    Home automation on some lights/power in all of the property.

    So what I am looking for is a security/HA system, that can be accessed via the internet, as well as undertake some basic time orientated light switching.

    Can you help?


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    there are a few to choose from (*) - Comfort & AlertMe might suit well but, to go further, be sure also to have a look at Idratek (forum not far from here, Gumby's blog, Idratek web-site - lots to read, worth taking the time to dig) - smart system, & affordable, too !


    (*) eg: EIB/KNX, C-Bus, AlertMe, Idratek, Niko, Dupline, Comfort, Insteon, X-10, xAP, xCL - all have strengths & limitations, pros & cons ... Wiki entries for some are available (eg: X-10) ... ditto the forums, for the several that have them. Some can work with each other, too, to some extent - eg: Idratek can work with the last three mentioned - and Squeezebox, too, BTW - which can help to fill some gaps !
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    Found these to work well, but a little expensive.

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    Default Consider idratek

    Currently setting up my Idratek system - beginning with a starter pack. It is a steep learning curve, but I can already see how flexible and powerful that makes it and the customer support (hand holding) is second to none

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