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Thread: IPD-001 Intelligent Power Distribution

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    Default IPD-001 Intelligent Power Distribution

    Considering adding an IPD-001 and have a few questions...

    Does this module offer Reflex action triggers based on power failure / battery fallback ?

    Is there a connection output within Cortex for the same (assuming Cortex was still running) ?

    Is there any intelligent monitoring of battery state available that could be used for a second tier later shutdown/Reflex action if mains was not restored ?

    Is it required that Idranet connectivity be present on each spur or can I use one spur just as a general switched/current measurable DC supply source ?

    Are all the spurs battery backed or could I disable this on one spur (if Reflex power fail is available I'm fairly sure I could) ?

    Cheers K

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    additional questions, please -

    IPS-002 includes an IPD-002, and yet it's the IPD-001 that's offered separately (and it's DS is dated Mar'09, so it would seem to be well up to date) ... just wonder why ? !

    IPS-003 - what's it all about - why the doubling up ?


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    Doubling up is to support large installations. There is a max current draw per spur from the supply and some devices have a high potential maximum draw. So if you have lots of those you need to spread them about over more spurs.

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    We're using an IPS-002 and I would like to find out more about IPD Reflex functions and its integration with Cortex. Early last Monday morning we lost power to the house on 2 or 3 occasions (I know this because the security system notified us), but I can see no logging of this within Cortex.


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    Yes the IPD does have Reflex triggers for mains power loss but not for battery low voltage (only battery charging state). The present version of Cortex does not have the associated connection. This may appear in present version but does exist in next.

    A spur can be used purely to supply monitored DC current without any IDRANet modules connected.

    The battery backs up all switched ON spurs, but it is possible to shut down spurs as required (assuming you're talking about when Cortex isn't managing the network, eg. using a power fail trigger to shut down spurs). It is also possible to use a higher capacity battery but the charging circuit is optimised for the one supplied, more particularly for charging from flat rather than the float phase.

    There is a typo in the IPS data sheet. We only have IPD-001 at present.

    As Gumby suggests the IPS-003 is essentially a dual IPS-002 in a larger box. So it contains 2 IPD-001s and 2 batteries. The reason as stated is to handle larger installations which may have a more liberal sprinkling of higher power modules such as DFP-H02s and larger numbers of the higher power relays.

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