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Thread: CM15Pro Timer problem with USB connected

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    Default CM15Pro Timer problem with USB connected

    I decided to upgrade from CM11 + TM13 to CM15Pro and was delighted how easy it was to import the CM11 settings, macros and timers into the CM15.....but I now discover that while the CM15 is connected by USB to my PC the timers don't work. However, if I switch any of the modules or run macros from the Active Home Professional software window, or use an RF controller to signal the CM15Pro, the commands execute just fine. If I disconnect the USB cable, the timers seem to work (although this evening a couple of dusk related timers 'missed') and the RF commands continue to work. Any thoughts what might be causing this?

    Update: it just missed another timer while unconnected by USB, this time to switch off lights at midnight (ie unconnected with dawn / dusk). So maybe it's a more general problem with timers.
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