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Thread: For Sale: Homevision and other stuff

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    Default For Sale: Homevision and other stuff

    Items for sale:

    Code Description Qty
    TW7223 Two way Power line Interface 1
    IR7243 Infra-red to X10 Converter 1
    MC460 Mini Controller 1
    SC503 Maxi Controller (one has no lid) 2
    PLM02 Screw-in Lamp module 2

    And last, but not least one Homevision unit with the serial add-on. this is PAL video and has an older CHIP in it, but it has not had its free upgrade so this should be able to be upgraded relatively easily.

    So why am I selling all this? Well I left UK 3.5 years ago and have been moving around the world. having realised that it is unlikely that I will move out of rented accomadation in the near future it seems pointless having all this gear going to waste.

    If someone wants to make me a reasonable offer for it all, then they can if not tell me what you want and what you will pay. I am in New Zealand at the moment so I would prefer that I sell to one person (saves on P&P)

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    Default Re: For Sale: Homevision and other stuff


    Have you still got your items for sale as I would be very interested in the Homevision unit. What sort of money would you be looking for it?



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