I'm a spanish student of Equipments and instalations electrotechnics from Ronda. I've a practice subject that i have to pass for have the qualification of Technic.Andalucia Goverment offers me the possibility of realice my practices in other country and I will think that its a good idea. I've met this web and I'm very interested in home automation. If is possible I would like to realize my practices in a European Union country. It would be one or two months and you haven't pay me if you want, it will free, only for pass this subject. I've had an Automation subjects and I know a little of the EIB, X-10, Simon Vis, PLC system and others. If you are interested on me I can send you more information from me and my studies.

PS: Sorry if I've had errors writing but I only know spanish and a little english...


Fernando Fernandez Sanchez gobigobix@hotmail.com