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    I know we can learn codes from the ITRs and DFPs and that is what I have been doing. However, as some may know, the interesting part of controlling Home Entertainment Equipment with remotes is about the codes that are not available from the original remote, the so called "discrete codes". I have been entering the pronto HEX codes into my Nokia mobile with a program from Psiloc but it is a pain to do so. Is there any way I could enter the pronto codes into the Cortex directly so I could speed up the process? I need to scan for some hard to find discreet codes and that means 255 different codes and that would solve my problem. Thanks

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    Unfortunately there isn't a method to do this at present. The IR TX firmware does allow RC5 codes to be generated directly ie. you can ask it to emit an RC5 frame defined by function/data bytes, but no equivalent exists for the plethora of other IR formats which just have to learnt manually.

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