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    I have fitted a CM Zone system.
    I have one CM67z for the downstairs rooms and one CM67z for upstairs the rooms.
    The downstairs unit functions perfectly.

    The upstairs unit has zones specified as:
    Zone 1 main bedroom and bathroom
    Zone 2 all other rooms and set to 5c as they are unused most of the time.

    Every morning we have the set point set for 06.20 at 20c.
    Yet despite the unit displaying a room temperature well below this it is not altering the HR80's in either room.
    The display has OPT under the set point temperature.
    The instructions do not explain what OPT means but I presume it is the optimum start function.
    I though optimum start was to ensure that it reached its required temperature by the set point time.

    The same thing happens for the night time setpoint but as I've had chance to go upstairs and check it before my wife finds out I can manually cancel OPT by altering the temperature by 0.5c. She is very unimpressed by "the too complicated system as I make my attempts to explain why she is freezing firt thing in the morning.

    Is there any way I can make the function correctly or disable OPT?


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    Hi, don't know much about the cm67z, but you can disable optimisation by entering Installers Set Up Mode (section 8.1 of the installation instructions) and changing parameter 15, Optimisation Enable, to zero. By default, the parameter is 1, so optimisation is on.

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