Last month we ran a story on the a new range of internet CCTV cameras. Now EyeSpy247 have kindly given us a discount voucher code for a 15% off their camera range for Automated Home readers that would like to try these IP cameras, including the pan tilt zoom model.

Get 15% off Home Security Cameras exclusively at by using the code 'automatedhome' (Offer valid from 01/02/10 - 28/02/10).

EyeSpy 247 cameras have been designed specifically as 'plug-n-play' for ease of use. The Setup Wizard walks you through installation in just a few steps, quickly turning your Broadband router into a remote video monitoring and alarm gateway, whether it's for watching over your home or business, checking when your wife is back from work, or even who's been stealing the cookies from the cookie jar. You can then securely and remotely manage motion detect events, image and video recording, email and SMS alerts, guest access, as well as stream real-time video from your cameras, anytime, all from the comfort of a web browser.

2010 has just seen the launch of two brand new cameras for your home, the 247F+ and 247PTZ. Both are compact, high quality and easy to use IP Cameras that are Mac and Windows Compatible. They feature two-way audio capability and excellent video quality with VGA resolution at full 30 frames-per-second. Both also include surveillance functions such as motion detection, alarm notification, as well as built in access to the Eyespy247 online platform allowing users to view Live from anywhere.

For more information on the cameras and prices please go to and use the code 'automatedhome' at checkout.